Coffee grounds

 Repels insects! Spread coffee grounds in places where suspected insects can enter your house and yard and garden.

“Fertilizer” for vegetables! Farmers have found this usage, it has provided the finest agricultural products like tomatoes, carrots, melons. Coffee grounds add vitamins, minerals and soil nitrogen, improving quality vegetables and protecting them from insects.

Do not spread ashes from the stove / fireplace! Prior to evacuate ash, spread a little fresh coffee grounds. It will not allow ashes to be spread in the air.

Refresh your wardrobe! If clothes are brown colors you can use coffee grounds and wash them.

Brunettes can rinse their hair with coffee! Also, this method uses for people with red hair in dark shades, hair color refreshed.

Cellulite enemy! You will not be able to get rid of cellulite without regular and intense exercise program, but you can to mitigate power using your coffee grounds. Coffee grounds mixed with egg white, apply the thighs and butt, then roll up plastic area. Leave on for half an hour!

As a scrub! Use coffee grounds in your daily ritual skin care. Because removes dead cells and stimulates the production of new cells, skin tone. Mix olive oil, vitamin E oil or jojoba oil with coffee grounds and massage the skin.

One thought on “Coffee grounds

  1. I have a friend who cofounded a company that makes organic mushrooms out of used coffee grounds. It’s called Back to the Roots if you’re interested!

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